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Registered Address: Langley House, Park Road, East Finchley, London, United Kingdom, N2 8EY

The Center for Countering Digital Hate deals with the increasing use of racial and religious intolerance, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of identity-based hate to polarise societies and undermine democracy. We find practical solutions to this threat, producing policy solutions and actions we can all take to counter hate.


Hateful discourse hardens differences, coarsens the public sphere and leads to anger and violence.


Proponents of hate are quick to adopt new techniques and technologies, particularly social media, to spread their ideas and beliefs.

We’ve seen it in the UK and US, throughout Europe, and further afield – from Brazil to Nigeria, India to Israel.


Populist politicians have allied with haters to gain new advocates and troll armies which harass opponents and institutions that provide checks and balances in liberal states, like the media and judiciary. If we do not deal with this threat, it will continue to divide our societies and undermine the strength of our democratic systems.


CCDH works with practitioners in diverse fields, such as political science, behavioural science, the law, countering violent extremism and counterterrorism, child protection and identity-based hate to develop strategies that strengthen tolerance, liberalism and democracy, and counterstrategies to new forms of political hate.


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